Silvia Peneva is the Lead Interior Designer and Founder of Wisteria Interior Design.


She specialises in private residential interior design and is passionate about decorating and designing homes based on the essence, inspirations and aspirations of her clients.


Apart from her creativity, Silvia comes with years of experience in project management, stakeholder relationship building and communications. 


Design Ethos

Harmony, effortless luxury, an appreciation for historical heritage and artisanship are core components of Silvia's design aesthetic. Each design is rooted in the past, thrives in the present and travels into the future, energising those who seek intersections between traditional allure and contemporary comfort.


Silvia weaves delicate connections to the surrounding environment and favours the use of natural materials. Her designs focus on the meaningful interplay between scale, light, pattern, texture and colour to create richness, warmth, and distinction.


Having lived for many years in the Middle East and Europe, and travelled throughout Africa, Silvia loves to source unique artisan works and support local economies. She incorporates subtle design elements from around the world and builds creative schemes around the international memories and travels of her clients who seek sophisticated cosmopolitan schemes.

Silvia comes with a wealth of experience in stakeholder management, relationship building, communications and project management - all core skills to delivering successful projects in the interior design world. 


Wisteria Interior Design is based in South East London and operates across the UK.